Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Unlimited Cash Opportunity

 M1 Investments is offering a great bonus for opening a new brokerage account.


30% Instant Return

A 30% instant return, plus the opportunity to earn extra cash on the side.

I have had an M1 brokerage account for just over one year. The brokerage company is genuine, and their offer of $30 for the person opening a new account with an additional $30 for making the introduction is a fantastic deal.

There is a small cash input needed, you need to fund the new M1 brokerage account with $100.

You then choose from between one and one hundred stocks or exchange traded funds to invest in.

And as M1 allows you  to buy fractional shares you can buy stock for just $1.

Once your brokerage account is up and running, you too will be able to share your portfolio to friends, family or anyone whom you wish.  If they too open an account as you did using your link you too will receive an introduction fee, at present $30.

So if you get four people to sign up and fund their new accounts using your introductory address then you will be in profit.

Plus you will have a brokerage account in which you can invest in companies like Tesla, Amazon or Google. Buy dividend paying stocks like Coca Cola or Pfizer which pay cash regularly. Then again you can buy a fund from companies like Vanguard and invest in the whole stock market if you wish.

Profits from stocks are unlimited, but of course if you wish you can also sell your stocks at anytime, take out your cash and use it however you wish.

Seems like a Win Win to me.

To open an M1 account click here.


Update May 8, 2021  


Today I received $30 from M1 Finance as a thank you for someone using my link to create and fund a new account using my link.

I would like to say thank you to that person, I hope that you too have received your $30 for creating your account and that you have lots of fun and profitable years ahead of you.

To Earn YOUR $30  when you open a new M1 Investment Account Click Here.

Friday, January 10, 2020

A Simple Way to Monetize Your Blogs

Recently I came across InfoLinks
blogging as a cash income stream
Simple Cash Income From Blogging

InfoLinks is a website which allows you to add advertisements from a wide range of sources, and earn some residual income from both CPM revenue and ad clicks.

What is CPM Revenue and How does it Pay Me? 

CPM Revenue is merely showing advertisements on your blog page. An advertiser pays you in a requisite amounts depending on the number of times their ad is  displayed

Usually CPM is calculated by the thousand views, so if an advertiser pays $1.00 per thousand you will receive one tenth of one cent per time the ad is displayed.

This may not sound much money but multiply that sum by the number of visitors you receive in a day, week or month, if you have one thousand visitors  in any period you might earn $1, multiply this by a one hundred page blog. 

Then you begin to be talking some good cash flow.

You are paid by InfoLinks after your total revenue has reached $50. 

This may seem to be a lot of money to make, but if you have a blog with high traffic and lots of posts it can be a lucrative cash flow source after a few weeks.

If you add this income stream to possible income from other affiliate links such as, you can be making some real cash income.

Adding More Posts Will Bring In More Cash Automatically.

InfoLinks will follow your blog and sell advertising space to their customers. The advertisers will pay infoLinks and then InfoLinks pay you automatically. The more content you produce the more ads will be displayed to your followers, every ad is personalized to your readers interest, so making the ads more likely to be of use to your readers.

InfoLinks Affiliate

InfoLinks also have an affiliate program, so when you create an account, you can also share an affiliate link which will also generate a small income for you.

I have added some of my affiliate links to this post, if you like the look of InfoLinks and use my affiliate link I will receive a small reimbursement for introducing you to them, joining InfoLinks is free to you.

Sign Up For An Infolinks Account Today!

Sunday, March 3, 2019

How I Earned Over $350 Selling Spider Plants

I bought a single 'Spider Plant' a couple of years ago.

I put it into some good potting soil and a large pot, then it began to grow larger and put out runners. These runners carry baby plants on them,  Growing 'Spider Plant' babies.

spider plant mature baby showing leaf cluster and mature root buds
Mature Baby, note root buds beneath leaves

When a baby Spider Plant matures, you see a crown of leaves and underneath these leaves are small brown stubby root buds. I take a plastic Coke or Pepsi bottle and fill this with water. Cut the baby Spider Plant from the runner and put the root buds into the neck of the coke bottle. I place the Coke bottle on my bathroom counter where it is cool and slightly humid. In about one week the roots will have grown about one inch long into the water.

Fill one of your plastic pots with compost, poke a hole in the compost and drop the roots into the hole making sure the base of the leaves is above the level of the soil. pat down the potting soil around the roots and water the pot gently.

I keep the new baby plant in my bathroom for a couple of weeks, you may occasionally mist the plant with a fine water spray if the leaves look like they are thin and wilting but don't add too much water to the potting compost.
Mature Baby Spider Plants in Bottles of water

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Don't Panic If an Ad Gets Old

Sometimes we take on too much work, don't we?

I do. I plan on doing x, y and z but only x and z get done and it can be weeks or months before I get around to y.

This was a situation that I found myself in last week. I have several blogs, some of my more popular blogs had a lot of traffic but the quieter ones, well were getting lost on the do it list.

Suddenly one article on a quiet list got several hundred visits in  one week. An advertisement on that blog which is an automatically updated ad from amazon suddenly seemed popular too.

The ad server had been linked to the blog for over two years and had only two clicks in that time. Suddenly when this post went popular I had several clicks on the advertisement which showed some expensive Digital SLR cameras, in a week three cameras were sold from that link. OK three sales from an ad that was about two years old was not a lot over the length of time, but it was three clicks and sales.

The products in the ad space were the latest items, the ad space had been set up with the amazon wizard to show new products. So the space never got really stale.

So whenever setting up ad space on a blog or website. consider using the ad wizard which will update automatically with new items rather than showing the same item and having to swap out regularly.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Low Cost Borrowing From the Crowd

Over recent years there has been a number of ways to get money from crowd sourcing and micro-investors.

The aim of crowd sourcing is to  gather together people who are willing to lend small amounts of cash to borrowers.

Borrowers can borrow for various reasons; setting up a small business, consolidating credit card debt or borrowingg at low interest rates to fund a car purchase or make home improvements.

I recently found a new source of income from lending with a company called Lending Club a San Francisco based organization which brings together lenders and borrowers to fund loans by issuing notes of a minimum of $25.

To read more go to my Investore Blog and read the article  Lending to Invest

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Zazzle Store to Look At

While I was looking around on the other day I came across this great example of what you can do with the store functions.

Take a look at this great store and see what fun you can have creating products.

Cute N Comfy Online Gift Shop

Or Urban Vibes 

Urban Vibes Mug
Urban Vibes Mug by Urban_Vibes
Create unique custom cups at Zazzle.

What has been Happening?

Over recent months I have been expanding my online businesses.

My online bookstore, Bretsuki's Books, at marketplace has been pretty successful.  Turning over sevel hundred books in the first six months of business and the business is still growing.

I have also been continuing to create products for my stores. The biggest of these stores, *, has increased sales over 250% in the last year, March 1, 2013 until March 1, 2014.
My biggest surprise with my stores is the numbers of International sales. a full 60% of my sales in the last seven months have been from Europe, mostly Germany and closely followed by the United Kingdom.

The major seller has been with items using products bearing what you may consider United States icons, the U.S. flag and Uncle Sam have been very popular.