Friday, January 10, 2020

A Simple Way to Monetize Your Blogs

Recently I came across InfoLinks
blogging as a cash income stream
Simple Cash Income From Blogging

InfoLinks is a website which allows you to add advertisements from a wide range of sources, and earn some residual income from both CPM revenue and ad clicks.

What is CPM Revenue and How does it Pay Me? 

CPM Revenue is merely showing advertisements on your blog page. An advertiser pays you in a requisite amounts depending on the number of times their ad is  displayed

Usually CPM is calculated by the thousand views, so if an advertiser pays $1.00 per thousand you will receive one tenth of one cent per time the ad is displayed.

This may not sound much money but multiply that sum by the number of visitors you receive in a day, week or month, if you have one thousand visitors  in any period you might earn $1, multiply this by a one hundred page blog. 

Then you begin to be talking some good cash flow.

You are paid by InfoLinks after your total revenue has reached $50. 

This may seem to be a lot of money to make, but if you have a blog with high traffic and lots of posts it can be a lucrative cash flow source after a few weeks.

If you add this income stream to possible income from other affiliate links such as, you can be making some real cash income.

Adding More Posts Will Bring In More Cash Automatically.

InfoLinks will follow your blog and sell advertising space to their customers. The advertisers will pay infoLinks and then InfoLinks pay you automatically. The more content you produce the more ads will be displayed to your followers, every ad is personalized to your readers interest, so making the ads more likely to be of use to your readers.

InfoLinks Affiliate

InfoLinks also have an affiliate program, so when you create an account, you can also share an affiliate link which will also generate a small income for you.

I have added some of my affiliate links to this post, if you like the look of InfoLinks and use my affiliate link I will receive a small reimbursement for introducing you to them, joining InfoLinks is free to you.

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