Sunday, March 3, 2019

How I Earned Over $350 Selling Spider Plants

I bought a single 'Spider Plant' a couple of years ago.

I put it into some good potting soil and a large pot, then it began to grow larger and put out runners. These runners carry baby plants on them,  Growing 'Spider Plant' babies.

spider plant mature baby showing leaf cluster and mature root buds
Mature Baby, note root buds beneath leaves

When a baby Spider Plant matures, you see a crown of leaves and underneath these leaves are small brown stubby root buds. I take a plastic Coke or Pepsi bottle and fill this with water. Cut the baby Spider Plant from the runner and put the root buds into the neck of the coke bottle. I place the Coke bottle on my bathroom counter where it is cool and slightly humid. In about one week the roots will have grown about one inch long into the water.

Fill one of your plastic pots with compost, poke a hole in the compost and drop the roots into the hole making sure the base of the leaves is above the level of the soil. pat down the potting soil around the roots and water the pot gently.

I keep the new baby plant in my bathroom for a couple of weeks, you may occasionally mist the plant with a fine water spray if the leaves look like they are thin and wilting but don't add too much water to the potting compost.
Mature Baby Spider Plants in Bottles of water