Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Unlimited Cash Opportunity

 M1 Investments is offering a great bonus for opening a new brokerage account.


30% Instant Return

A 30% instant return, plus the opportunity to earn extra cash on the side.

I have had an M1 brokerage account for just over one year. The brokerage company is genuine, and their offer of $30 for the person opening a new account with an additional $30 for making the introduction is a fantastic deal.

There is a small cash input needed, you need to fund the new M1 brokerage account with $100.

You then choose from between one and one hundred stocks or exchange traded funds to invest in.

And as M1 allows you  to buy fractional shares you can buy stock for just $1.

Once your brokerage account is up and running, you too will be able to share your portfolio to friends, family or anyone whom you wish.  If they too open an account as you did using your link you too will receive an introduction fee, at present $30.

So if you get four people to sign up and fund their new accounts using your introductory address then you will be in profit.

Plus you will have a brokerage account in which you can invest in companies like Tesla, Amazon or Google. Buy dividend paying stocks like Coca Cola or Pfizer which pay cash regularly. Then again you can buy a fund from companies like Vanguard and invest in the whole stock market if you wish.

Profits from stocks are unlimited, but of course if you wish you can also sell your stocks at anytime, take out your cash and use it however you wish.

Seems like a Win Win to me.

To open an M1 account click here.


Update May 8, 2021  


Today I received $30 from M1 Finance as a thank you for someone using my link to create and fund a new account using my link.

I would like to say thank you to that person, I hope that you too have received your $30 for creating your account and that you have lots of fun and profitable years ahead of you.

To Earn YOUR $30  when you open a new M1 Investment Account Click Here.