Saturday, September 20, 2014

Don't Panic If an Ad Gets Old

Sometimes we take on too much work, don't we?

I do. I plan on doing x, y and z but only x and z get done and it can be weeks or months before I get around to y.

This was a situation that I found myself in last week. I have several blogs, some of my more popular blogs had a lot of traffic but the quieter ones, well were getting lost on the do it list.

Suddenly one article on a quiet list got several hundred visits in  one week. An advertisement on that blog which is an automatically updated ad from amazon suddenly seemed popular too.

The ad server had been linked to the blog for over two years and had only two clicks in that time. Suddenly when this post went popular I had several clicks on the advertisement which showed some expensive Digital SLR cameras, in a week three cameras were sold from that link. OK three sales from an ad that was about two years old was not a lot over the length of time, but it was three clicks and sales.

The products in the ad space were the latest items, the ad space had been set up with the amazon wizard to show new products. So the space never got really stale.

So whenever setting up ad space on a blog or website. consider using the ad wizard which will update automatically with new items rather than showing the same item and having to swap out regularly.

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