Thursday, March 28, 2013

Web Hosting Referral Income

The internet these days makes every reader of your blog or website not only a potential customer of yours but also a potential online publisher. Every book you might read on internet publishing will tell you that if you want to sucessfully sell online you need to have your own domain and get this domain hosted.

So, a very good potential source of income can be affiliate links with major hosting companies. The two main internet hosting company affiliate programs to which I belong are those of and Host

Both services pay you a percentage of the sales which links from your websites produce. If a customer clicks through your link and signs up for webhosting on that visit you can earn several dollars. The eventual total depends on the customers total spend.

Web hosting for  a starter site with Host Gator for instance can cost the customer from as little as $7 per month for a monthly no contract site.

Both Go-Daddy and Host Gator have good records of maintaining availabilty of websites on their servers with very little downtime. They are also both very large presences on the internet and well known, this make selling the deal to potential customers a little easier. They are both well supported and you have virtually unlimited potential income as many people with web accounts  have several domains which need hosting.

Take a look at both these companies programs and see if they might fit into your portfolio of income streams.

Just for you I have created a money off coupon with Host Gator.

The coupon covers hosting services and you can save 25% off the regular hosting fees by entering the following code when you sign up with Host Gator.

Host Gator Web Hosting Website

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