Thursday, March 28, 2013

Web Hosting Referral Income

The internet these days makes every reader of your blog or website not only a potential customer of yours but also a potential online publisher. Every book you might read on internet publishing will tell you that if you want to sucessfully sell online you need to have your own domain and get this domain hosted.

So, a very good potential source of income can be affiliate links with major hosting companies. The two main internet hosting company affiliate programs to which I belong are those of and Host

Both services pay you a percentage of the sales which links from your websites produce. If a customer clicks through your link and signs up for webhosting on that visit you can earn several dollars. The eventual total depends on the customers total spend.

Web hosting for  a starter site with Host Gator for instance can cost the customer from as little as $7 per month for a monthly no contract site.

Both Go-Daddy and Host Gator have good records of maintaining availabilty of websites on their servers with very little downtime. They are also both very large presences on the internet and well known, this make selling the deal to potential customers a little easier. They are both well supported and you have virtually unlimited potential income as many people with web accounts  have several domains which need hosting.

Take a look at both these companies programs and see if they might fit into your portfolio of income streams.

Just for you I have created a money off coupon with Host Gator.

The coupon covers hosting services and you can save 25% off the regular hosting fees by entering the following code when you sign up with Host Gator.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

What is the Worst Thing That Can Happen?

Many of us, when we engage in something new, procrastinate, tell ourselves that something terrible will happen, listen to that inner voice that tells us of disaster and listen to those around us who only fortell doom and gloom.

When you get to this state in a project, you are probably already deeply invested in going ahead, then all the negative voices both internal and external are at their most powerful.

Sit down, take a cup of tea or coffee, take several deep breaths and a pen and paper. draw a line down the paper from top to bottom. On the left wwrite what you think of as positive consequences of you going ahead with the project.

On the right hand side of the paper write down all the negative ideas that you have, if you think you might die include this. Just list as many negatives as you can.

Having drained your mind of the negative possibilities. Take a walk, get some fresh air, maybe another drink of tea or coffee. Stay away for an hour and don't try to come up with solutions for the negatives/ That will come when you get back.

When you have walked a while, go back to your lists. On a second sheet of paper, repeat put a line down the center from top to bottom. On the left, one at a time begin to list the negative items.

As you do use the spacew on the right write down a solution, ask why this negative is so terrible.

If you listed your death, then that is terrible and tragic but even that can be mitigated if one sees this as a completion of a task, life itself, you have no need to worry anymore, you don't have to eat the Brussels Sprouts your mother always boils for three days until they are a grey mush.

Ok you may think that is silly, which it is, but the aim is to come up with as many reasons that you can to negate the negatives.

Be as silly as you need to be, no-one is going to see your lists, they are for your eyes only.

When you look back at this second sheet of lists, you should see that most of the negatives are merely in your own imagination, caused by fear and lack of confidence.

Some negatives  will be genuine concerns but the exercise should have given you a list of positive actions that you can take.

Some negatives may even be positive in disguise and you see that in your answers.

All in all in asking yourself What is the Worst  That Can Happen? You will have accepted that something may go wrong, and probably will, but you have also created a list of recoveries from those disasters that await you in your endeavours.

As Timothy Ferriss advises in his book the 4 Hour  Work Week, "let little disasters happen. Don't try to control every detail, you can't."

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Four Hour Work Week - Timothy Ferris


Timothy Ferriss has gone back to re-examine his best-seller The Four Hour Work Week in the light of the recent crash and the financial recession.

This book is a great way to examine your goals in life and how to achieve change.

Ferriss agrees that change often causes fear, that fear then causes stagnation as people accept the status quo and never really aim to achieve real goals.

I have used some of the ideas in this book. I have not achieved a four hour work week, I work four days, in a job I love and get three day weekends everyweek to do all the other things that I need to do.

One of the first steps is to find what you really want to do.

It doesn't have to be living a millionaire lifestyle, but it can be and in The Four Hour Work Week  but even the millionaire lifestyle is affordable and even less expensive than you think.

Ferris shows you how to clear the negative influences of your life, your own fears and also those people who happily feed your fears and prevent you from achieving what you really want to achieve.

Ferriss shows you where to find the tools to begin to create your own perfect life. The Four Hour Work Week  Use this book as a guide to help you change your life for the better and help you fulfil your potential.

The ideas are sound, they work, they have worked for me and I am the happier for it.

Buy The Four Hour Work Week.  here.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting Traffic to Your Site for Free

Wouldn't it be wonderful to get people to come to your site for free?

Yes it would be great if you can bring all those people and not really pay for advertising,

Well one good way to bring traffic to your website, blog or any webpage for that matter is Search Engine Optimization, SEO. .

There is a continuous battle between search engine designers and producers of content like us.

As we think we have figured out their latest methods of analyzing our products. They tweak their search algorithms again and send many of us back to the drawing board in an endless search for traffic.

Some of us adapt and tweak our methods again and again to recover from these algorithm changes. Most just don't do anything and their work disappears into the black hole of cyberspace.

As I write Google, Bing and Yahoo! are tweaking their systems again and again.

If you are using your familir methods of search engine optimization you are falling behind and are at risk of losing traffic this year.

I have compiled a list of books on the best Search Engine Optimization techniques available at this time.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

It Takes Time

Growing your multiple streams of income takes time.

Yes, it would be nice if you could just type up one page of items to sell or join one website that just printed you cash every day of the week for the rest of your life. But even overnight successes are never really overnight successes. They have usually worked hard to get to be that successful. It just happens that they made their break happen for them.

When you engage in creating multiple streams of income you are  hedging your chances of success and increasing the ways in which you can make that break from the life you have to the life that you want.

The thing about this line of making multiple streams of income work is that you can do what you love. You therefore do things that you might do anyway and so there is an added reward, the things you love to do may end up being a cash earner for you.

So for instance, if you like making jewelery. You might just make it for yourself, for fun or as a gift for friends and relatives. Maybe consider selling one or two items that you have made on eBay or Etsy.

Who wouldn't love to own a unique piece of hand crafted jewelery? 

But to create that item of jewelery takes time and effort and once sold you have to create another item.

You may like to write, you may write an article and post it to a website which pays you residual income from views. Websites such as HubPages or Yahoo! Voices are such examples. But in order to earn good residual income you need many articles. For instance Yahoo! Voices pay you just $1.50 for 1,000 views of all your articles. If you write one article you may get 1,000 views in a day if it is an exclusive and hot topic but they don't last long. It is much easier to write 1,000 articles  or more (one articleper day  of 300-400 words over three years will give you over 1,100 articles.)) But again see you need to invest time and effort.

The good thing  about all this time and effort is that as you work at your chosen income streams you will get better and better. You'll invest less time and effort per item. You will get to the stage where it seems no effort at all.

Remember though. It takes time.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yahoo! Voices

If you like writing short articles of about 300-400 words in length take a look at writing for Yahoo! Voices.

They pay you for your articles in two ways.

CPM - Yahoo! pays you for each article view on a sliding scale, the more views you generate the higher your bonus. To go over the first bonus level you need to have had 10,000 readers otherwise you have a standard payout of $1.50 a per 1,000 views.

They also pay you an upfront payment for some articles I have earned up to $7.50 for one article and that also carries a CPM payment schedule too. So every view can add to your income.

Try a Yahoo! Voices account it is free and you can write an article on any topic and licence it to them as part of their pay per view program.