Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yahoo! Voices

If you like writing short articles of about 300-400 words in length take a look at writing for Yahoo! Voices.

They pay you for your articles in two ways.

CPM - Yahoo! pays you for each article view on a sliding scale, the more views you generate the higher your bonus. To go over the first bonus level you need to have had 10,000 readers otherwise you have a standard payout of $1.50 a per 1,000 views.

They also pay you an upfront payment for some articles I have earned up to $7.50 for one article and that also carries a CPM payment schedule too. So every view can add to your income.

Try a Yahoo! Voices account it is free and you can write an article on any topic and licence it to them as part of their pay per view program.

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