Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting Traffic to Your Site for Free

Wouldn't it be wonderful to get people to come to your site for free?

Yes it would be great if you can bring all those people and not really pay for advertising,

Well one good way to bring traffic to your website, blog or any webpage for that matter is Search Engine Optimization, SEO. .

There is a continuous battle between search engine designers and producers of content like us.

As we think we have figured out their latest methods of analyzing our products. They tweak their search algorithms again and send many of us back to the drawing board in an endless search for traffic.

Some of us adapt and tweak our methods again and again to recover from these algorithm changes. Most just don't do anything and their work disappears into the black hole of cyberspace.

As I write Google, Bing and Yahoo! are tweaking their systems again and again.

If you are using your familir methods of search engine optimization you are falling behind and are at risk of losing traffic this year.

I have compiled a list of books on the best Search Engine Optimization techniques available at this time.

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