Thursday, June 6, 2013

First International Sale on Zazzle

A few days ago. I received an e-mail from

I am used to their e-mails. I often get several per month telling me of a sale or an offer that they have running very soon.

This e-mail was notifying me of a sale. One of my items had sold a few minutes before and they were congratulating me.

I still get a thrill at the news of any sale. It is always fun and I like to see what sold and learn what commission I earned.

But with this sale there was an additional surprise. After many months of only selling to U.S. based customers. This customer was in England!

My old home. I wish I could have hugged the buyer right there and then. I was so excited.

With this one sale I have gone from selling quite locally, all over the lower 48 States to an International seller. Maybe one may say I can claim to be an international fashion house now.

Well that might be a bit much. but for this one designer and seller. I feel like I am in the bright lights now. One international sale under my belt. I am happy.

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