Monday, December 31, 2012

Zazzle Associates is a online t-shirt and accessories producer. It has been around for several years now and it has a great associates program.

Their associates program can be joined from the website.

The good thing about this associate program is that you do not have to create designs for goods yourself, you can post a zazzle link from your blog or website and just direct potential customers to the most popular designs on zazzle.

To do this you join zazzle as an associate setting up an account.

You can then use the create promotional tools link to create various HTML programs to put into your own blog or website.

When someone goes through one of your links and buys an item you get a credit for introducing that customer, rather like with the Amazon Affiliate program.

As with the Amazon program the more sales you generate the more of a percentage you gain, generate over $100 in sales and you get an additional 7% on top of an initial 10%.

Zazzle will pay cash into your PayPal account when you acquire $50 in sales commission and pay a check to you in the mail at the $100 cut off level.

Commissions can be quite good, an inexpensive t-shirt can pay about $1.95. If you direct someone to items such as an iPhone cover commissions rise to about $4.95, so as you can see commission rates can rise quickly if you introduce a steady stream of buyers.

One drawback to the system at first is a thirty day waiting time for commissions to move from potential to confirmed. Buyers have thirty days to return an item to zazzle and if they do the commission is lost. As you introduce a stream of customers however this thirty day waiting period falls as zazzle employ a policy of rolling payouts. If your commission reachesconfirmed payout levels you get paid immediately.

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